It always seems impossible

It always seems impossible, until it is done. Nelson Mandela.
(with thanks to Greg Gillet)


About Salamala

Good quotes seem to be supported by bad pics. Here's some efforts to give them the visuals they deserve. Made with love and support to my big sis Rachel at who's going through chemo at the mo. x


  1. Proper nice quote to keep Rach going on her piano practice for this Fridays recital challenge!!! Rather her than me! Thanks again to Greg Gillet at Rachel’s work; Wolters Kluwer. xxx

  2. Keren Thomas

    Good one Dave, love your illustration.
    Mum xxxxxxxx

  3. I love this! It made me smile and think about just today I thought for awhile a situation was impossible. Ah, but not true! Praying for your big sis.

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